We invite interested entrepreneurs to visit us personally on the plantations.

In full disposal to present our plantations, the production process and the resulting products.


The headquarters of our company is in Arrecife on Lanzarote

We invite you to contact us.


V I S I T  U S 

Plantations are located on Lanzarote, their location gives us the guarantee of having aloe vera, which is rich in natural nutritional properties.


We cut plants after 4 years to extract rich plasma and pass it on to food or cosmetics.


Irrigated with oceanic water, ripening in full sun on a volcanic rock.

Aloes ekologiczny z Lanzarote

The entire processing takes place on one island, thanks to which we have a full guarantee of the freshness of our product.


Aloe goes to our laboratory in which we manually cut plasma from an aloe leaf.


The juice produced is preserved with natural citric acid.

Adding other preservatives only at the customer's request.

Laboratorium w którym badany jest Aloes

The product is transported directly from Lanzarote to our customer.


We use the highest category of packaging to preserve its quality until the very end.


We invite you to visit us personally on our plantations!

Opinie klientów o soku Aloesowym. Jak pić sok z Aloesu

 H O W   O U R   J U I C E  I S  M A D E ? 

Bezpośrednio z plantacji organicznych na Wyspach Kanaryjskich
Szczegółowy proces powstawania soku z Aloesu ekologicznego
Produkty Ekologiczne na bazie aloesu

GU A R A N T E E  O F  T H E  H I G H E S T  Q U A L I T Y


Ekologiczny Certyfikat dla Aloesu 20018

Our Aloe is under constant and strict control - the International Scientific Council on Aloe

Headquartered in North America, PŁN, PŁD, European Union, Asia and South Pacific. 

Obtained certificate is significant for the producer, it obliges to high quality and Aloe content in products.


The company performs an annual audit and inspection of Aloe processing to obtain full IASC approval for the following year.

Aloes z Wysp Kanaryjskich Ekologiczny - certyfikowany
Plantacje Aloesowe Ekologiczne Certyfikat
Aloe farms from which they were obtained the raw material is certified GDC confirming






 Each order of the raw material by the entrepreneur is finally certified by a document from the laboratory, confirming its quality and detailed specification of the content of vitamins.

Excluding bacterial content.


Certyfikat EKO dla Alosu

C E A M E D S.A is an independent laboratory focusing its activities on the discovery and development of organic molecules intended for the creation of patented medicines used in the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

As the only Aloe distributor in Europe, we have full, irrefutable laboratory documentation.

Analyzes carried out:physicochemical, microbial and microbiological,  using high-pressure liquid chromatography (high-resolution techniques) and nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, they evaluated the quality of components and the level of aloin - 7.5 ppm

It has been scientifically proven that the positive biological effects of aloe are correlated with its quality!












10 — kopia





 Laboratory Certification

Eco Certification

International Aloe Science Council Certyfication

Physicochemical, microbial and microbiological analysis CEAMED S.A

 Nutritional Values confirmed by the laboratory



The company has been subject to strict control in the organic farming system, document verification and marketed raw material.
Annually submitted audit to maintain certification

PL-EKO-04 Certyfication

P R Y O R   D I S T R I B U T I O N   
C E R T I F I C A T I O N  

The most effective raw material in Europe | Eco Aloe Vera

Low content of aloin in our juice,

which proves a very HIGH-quality raw material 

7.55 ppm

HIGH content of valuable polysaccharide Acemannan 7.0% !

Undesirable biological effects are more frequent in the case of low-quality aloe (especially those with relatively high levels of aloin)

The low content of Acemannan polysaccharide in the raw material eliminates the valuable therapeutic benefits of Aloe!

A L O E   V E R A  


With full respect for nature. We guarantee the highest quality of raw material

Minimum of 4 years of ripening on organic plantations.

Wrapped in a warm wind, continuous sun, growing on a volcanic rock.

T H E   H I G H E S T   Q U A L I T Y   
I N   E U R O P E

The highest quality of aloe juice for your company - which comes from certified organic plantations.

We produce aloe juice on request within 2-3 days.

Direct transport from the Canary Islands to the customer.


WITHOUT additives, enhancers or thickeners!



Import i dystrybucja aloesu z Wysp Kanaryjskich
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